Since I bought my first Android phone I performed a variety of video games. Thank God, Google Play is a large marketplace of video games, ninety nine% of them unfastened :) So you only need time and wi-fi to play and download new video games :))

I will make a easy list, I don’t realize exactly where I will stop…I performed quite a few games and I will publish them inside the order I will do not forget them. Pictures may be used from Google, maximum video games aren't anymore in my telephone so I can’t provide screenshots from my smartphone.
Grand Theft Auto three 
- even given that GTA 3 launch on PC I became a large fan of GTA. The 3-D universe, the truth that you can do the whole lot you appreciated, I became attracted like a magnet of this sport. And seeing that Rockstar decided to launch the Android model of this recreation I knew from the start I have to buy this sport. Is available on Google Play and isn't always unfastened. Grand Theft Auto III - Apps on Google Play All free version discovered on different websites are risky and you would possibly wreck your telephone or infect it with viruses. Take it at your very own chance!
Similar games are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. But I played GTA 3 more for nostalgic reasons.
2. Dead Trigger 2
- a traditional zombie preventing sport pretty a laugh and with a first rate tale. The nice part is that you don’t want to make investments actual cash, you could complete the entire sport with out microtransactions, is not pay-to-win and you have a huge style of guns! DEAD TRIGGER 2 l
3. Unkilled 
- a sport made through Madfinger, exactly like Dead Trigger 2, but focused more on missions, with lots extra missions and a distinctive approach. You still ought to fight zombies, just like in DT2, however a bit distinct. If you play it you will understand.
4. AdVenture Capitalist 
- A fantastic click game wherein your goal is to win as a good deal money as viable. Is no longer like Virtual Beggar wherein you have to physically contact the screen all of the time to get more money. In AdVenture Capitalist you have numerous groups which you have to improve with the cash you get. You begin with a easy Lemon stand and one greenback. But soon you'll keep in mind that easy math does now not observe to this sport, because the numbers will get HUUUUGE! A similar sport is The Big Capitalist. I love extra Adventure Capitalist because it was one of the first video games to put in force this type of gameplay.
5. Real Racing 3
- of path, is a racing recreation :) And is quite antique to be sincere. I am pretty certain everybody is aware of of it. A lot of gamers have virtually controlled to complete the game and unlock EVERYTHING and own EVERYTHING, all of the cars, all improvements and so on. That’s a critical fulfillment due to the fact the sport is HUGE! You have a TON of races to complete, a whole lot of motors to play with and purchase and numerous upgrades. Unfortunately is the pay-to-win form of sport, without investing a few real cash the progress could be very sluggish and you may must repeat some races in an effort to get enough money for the improve you want or to shop for the car you want. The servicing of cars take quite a few time when you boost into the sport and the transport of motors is gradual as nicely.
However this doesn’t imply the sport isn't super. It’s first-rate! The images, the automobiles, the controls! You simply want a powerful sufficient device to run the whole thing smooth
6. Classic Car Parking 
- in case you love automobiles however you're on the opposite web page and also you simply want to casually park cars, looking after them, properly Classic Car Parking is probably for you. Sure, there are a ton of Parking Games obtainable at the Google Play Store, I don’t say this one is the satisfactory. But I like this one due to the fact has over four hundred levels and is awesome. The missions are short, the transition is superb, the commercials aren't traumatic and the gameplay is straightforward. Another superb Parking game I play in my free time is Real Car Parking 2, especially as it has a top notch map and splendid photographs. Plus a huge listing of vehicles (Classic Car Parking has simply one automobile: VW Beetle).

7. Heavy Truck Simulator
- for the ones which like riding but they need to be heavy truckers there may be an answer for them too. If you want Euro Truck Simulator on PC then this is the best answer for cellular gameplay. The recreation is splendid, the physics are brilliant, the pics are excellent for a mobile recreation, is precisely how a trucking sport need to be. The sport is created via a Brazilian group and it'll encompass every now and then Spanish text and no longer English, but the builders promised they will fix any trojan horse you discover.
8. CarX Drift Racing 
- for those which like to glide loads there may be an app for them too. The recreation is very good, the physics are pretty actual, the portraits are exceptional.
9. CSR Racing 2
- for those which like Drag Racing simplest and they may be all approximately the 1/four mile fastest time, CSR 2 is the sport they need. The game become greatly stepped forward in view that CSR 1 and is a lot higher. However the pay-to-win remains in the sport and became really improved against the player. Getting money to shop for new components and motors is more tough in CSR 2 in comparison with CSR 1, in my factor of view.
10. DomiNations 
- a classical “Age of Empires” style recreation wherein your fundamental goal is to develop as united states of america and triumph over every body else. The sport may be very addictive and outstanding, however the pay-to-win kicks in difficult once you improve to Iron Age. And you continue to want a whole lot of “a long time” to enhance, but for me was impossible to recover from Iron Age due to the fact I become constant attacked and I didn’t had sufficient resources to recover from Iron Age. Who knows, maybe I was a noob player. Anyways, the game is brilliant, I can’t say no to this. Is very smooth to recognize and play. The tutorial may be very intuitive and the presents acquired are a incredible help. However, as I said, after Iron Age you may be under regular attack and the handiest solution is to apply real cash. I determined NOT to do this and uninstalled the game. Who knows, maybe you will prove better than me ;)

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