One thing I need to remind. NOBODY forces you. It’s as much as you to get a Samsung (or another Android for the problem. But for the query’s sake I’ll live with Iphone)

IPhone arms down. And it isn't always because I am a Apple mobile expert, or that Apple has by some means brainwashed me with market education, monthly net trainings/conference calls or loose products. I do get vendor devices to use that they supply to me freed from rate, but the products I am furnished with are relevant and vital to my function inside my department. Being able to use these devices assist me take a look at and master them so I can teach my group of workers, deliver wonderful demos to clients and help troubleshoot problems that appear from time to time on iOS.

I actually have loved the iPhone seeing that I first jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone 3GS to use on T-Mobile. I changed into a bit bored after using my iPhone 5S and I became interested in android, however I changed into by no means able to locate an android device that works so nicely inside itself and with different android devices. The Apple Watch isn't always very effective, yet I haven't any issues with lag. Yet my extra effective androidwear Watch is gradual and tough to demo to customers without my apps crashing. I need to no longer have an difficulty with a modern-day gen androidwear watch and a Google Pixel XL however customization comes with its own set of serious drawbacks that do not outweigh the benefits on the customization gap apple has began to close with the discharge of iOS 10 and watchOS 3.

For reference in my normal neutrality among OS, I additionally presently use the puffed up Google Pixel XL and underrated ZTE Axon 7 whom are both android. I enjoy my Action/Nova Prime Launcher with the Pixel subject matter on my Axon 7 over my stock Pixel android 7.1.1 Nougat OS. I revel in the truly optimized software program on my pixel at the side of the very stunning battery, but in this example the optimization is not useful enough to outweigh the excellent small modifications to almost each issue (to every pixel on the screen haha) I am continuously gambling around with on my Launcher customized hybrid OS.

The telephone I that my Pixel XL replaced was an Huawei Honor eight which is a sincerely progressive cellphone in many small ways. I select almost everything about the Honor 8 to the Pixel besides the gyroscope video stabilization and normal digicam and battery overall performance. EMUI 4.Zero additionally had too many iOS capabilities that negated among the incredible mini capabilities that have been expertly carried out into the phones software. The phone I traded in for my Axon 7 become a Nexus 5X. Was no longer partial to the 16GB (10 GB avliable) that I became caught with on the non storage expandable plastic lil fella. But I certain did love vanilla android. So I am an android lover and Apple master.

Google’s Android OS changed into based totally on a super concept and I've always been a fan of open source and open net inside the beyond. However, as my information of the mobile industry has grown, so too has my information of Apple’s closed off iOS technique and why it makes for a greater excellent product. Most cell users will let you know that the traits most essential of their cellular tool isn't always customization nor open platform development. Your traditional, everyday consumer unearths maximum critical particularly else; capability, stability, reliability, perceived first-class, optimization of the running device and simplicity of use. Apple always has been top notch at branding their products as a status symbol. The iPhone isn't any specific. This is the one category in which Samsung is fast turning into the master. The perceived best and hardware layout gives Apple a run for its money.

All of these classes above are a win for the iPhone, lose for any android. Android fans, the heavy strength users that understand a way to run custom roms, and the tech savvy users that recognise the way to regulate android with clean customization (launchers, subject matters etc) will usually be the minority. Android will by no means be capable of compete in those key classes except google comes to a decision to layout a Pixel particular working system that is not as open as vanilla android. But would not that flip the Pixel into some thing this is anti-android? It's viable but not likely for Google to locate an appropriate center ground needed to placed out an androidlike smartphone that still allows for deep customization even as matching apple in optimization and simplicity of use for usual mobile proprietors.

Samsung then again, releases the least optimized smartphone that tries to comply with in apples footsteps with their own committed software program (Samsung Store), assistant (S-voice) in conjunction with a long list of proprietary software program products and hardware products (Tablets, watches)

It's smart of Samsung to use their large length and build a ecosystem of their personal with merchandise consisting of the Tab S/A/E pills and gear s clever watches (which oddly enough run on Tizen, some other certainly one of Samsung's Frankenstein initiatives). These gadgets need to be rather well suited collectively but aren't inside the slightest. Setting up a pill to sync successfully with its accompanying mobile cellphone is too much of a chore and the Tizen watch OS runs easily sufficient, but it has laughable improvement support and a small, susceptible dev network. Where you could discover four or 5 unfastened variations of a selected popular recreation on android put on and even as a minimum one or two best versions on watchOS, you're VERY fortunate to find one APP which you maximum probably will want to purchase a good way to run on Tizen watchOS. Even though it is able to look promising due to the fact you are being charged $3.Ninety nine for an app this is free on different watch OS, it's going to extra than in all likelihood, constantly crash and no longer be worth the time downloading it. Many Samsung tvs nowadays additionally use broadly speaking Tizen, but capability among the tools S watches and the tvs is nowhere to be seen. This is a big missed opportunity for Samsung. There are not definitely any discernible blessings to the use of a Samsung cell phone or pill with your Samsung television and I'd instead use an android wear watch with any android telephone than a Samsung branded watch with a Samsung telephone.

There's something wrong if you have more customization and assist for an Asus android smartwatch on a Galaxy S7 than you'll for a Samsung Gear S2 linked to a SAMSUNG cellphone. When your Axon 7 works higher along with your Samsung smart television than a Galaxy S2 tablet does. Samsung has a hard enough time optimizing software program updates to the galaxy S smart telephones, and that is in which we started to see why the functionality between Samsung gadgets is so terrible. If they cannot even replace their Galaxy S mobile telephones without a element of their purchasers mobile gadgets crashing beyond restore, how can assume seamless integration throughout extraordinary Samsung products?

It appears Samsung is just too massive so as to comprehend what it's miles or what it needs to restoration to emerge as a true contender with Apple or what google becomes within the very near future.

IOS has been evolved, advanced and built upon from the oroginal MacOS, which in turn became constructed from the software program that Steve Jobs evolved whilst he owned NeXT. He subsequently sold his NeXT software to Apple some months earlier than he came lower back to take over Apple as CEO. Pretty genius right there.

So what does that suggest?

VERTICAL INTEGRATION! The KEY aspect that Apple has mastered that open sourced android can not contend with. It is going towards android at its fundamental center. Apple has constructed their entire product line environment around the equal primary OS. Compatibility and functionality between an iPhone/iPad/iPod & a Mac is streamlined and almost wonderful. Every apple product you use works together in a manner that specific android, even two Samsung advanced products may want to by no means acquire. The hardware is likewise designed to be absolutely optimized to the running device it runs on. So each generation of the iPhone is painstakingly advanced by Apple to get the most out of overall performance, memory, and battery lifestyles. There is a motive an iPhone battery that is half the scale of most flagship droids, lasts longer. And opposite to popular belief, it isn't screen decision.

Samsung is simply so huge and everywhere in the region that it's difficult for the cell branch to function together coheseivly. Not to mention they have been developing their very own TouchWiz software program pores and skin on open sourced android and it's smooth to peer why Samsung is infamous for their Galaxy collection having hardware and software compatibility problems every generation. Some generations are better than others but alas not one of the galaxy S cell phones closing longer than 3 years before ceasing to function.

I'm almost ecstatic that TouchWiz is subsequently useless and excited to see if Samsung can build a higher skin as a way to be more useful throughout its product line. I'm hoping with regardless of the new Samsung UI seems to be, that it's going to optimize its software program at the Galaxy S8 so that updates don't get driven returned to six–twelve months whilst other agencies push one out in weeks. Don't any of you locate it sad that my $four hundred ($349 proper now) unlocked ZTE Axon 7 with a US launch in October gets the Nougat update before your $seven-hundred S7 does? How about the $300 Honor eight? The S 7 that was the first of 2016 flagship to be released….Isn't there something very wrong with this picture??

Ding dong, touchwhiz is useless, please build a extra native OS alternatively!

Every morning we've a small line of Samsung cellular proprietors upset and freaking out about their smartphone and how it had stopped functioning either partially or absolutely during a software replace or how a manufacturer illness is starting to expose its gnarly face simply 3–18? Months into its negative, pathetic life. I have to say I changed into impressed with the beauty and initial velocity of the S6 and jumped at the bandwagon but can thankfully say I have now not owned a Samsung cellular telephones in view that I become given the galaxy S2 as a temporary phone. I'm thankful I did not get the S6 and that I do no longer need to address the nagging software and hardware problems plauging every every year installment cycle of the Galaxy S series. Samsung has stated the S stands for some various things however I agree with a lot of us recognise what the S simply stands for.

On a lighter note, the Galaxy Note would not seem to have the equal problems as its smaller cousin. Except for the Note 7 inflicting runaway lithium ion chemical fires. I do intend on purchasing a Note or some thing they will rename it as within some generations because it has a constant records of exceptional hardware with the fine optimization of touchwhiz android in comparison to any of its MANY related cellular annual released cell gadgets….Why have been with regards to the Samsung mobile lineup…..

Pick a few fashions and stay with that! Flooding an over saturated cell marketplace with overpriced mid range phones is most effective making matters worse. Focus on 2–3 most important android strains inside the North American/European marketplace and perhaps 1 important android cell line for India and Asia with by-product models (ala Axon 7 mini/max or Zenphone three Laser/Max/Ultimeate and/or regardless of the diverse fashions are known as.)

In doing this you'll simplify your very own software program problems. Even a big organisation can stretch itself too thin when you launch dozens of different phone fashions with special hardware in every.

S8, Note (N8?), Aseries, and perhaps a larger version evolved for android one with a massive display variation for Asia and India. As they appatently have become greater enthusiastic about more and more massive phablets. Retire the J-line. No extra Prime/Core/crap releases inside the US please except you do something interesting with those telephones that could probable help you launch more authentic gadgets inside the future.

Apple isn't always without issues either. The stagnant evolution of the iPhone is becoming apparent. However the iPhone 7+ has planted the seeds for some remarkable possibilities for innovation for the 10 year anniversary model. I am pretty surprised that there's yet to be an iPhone with an Apple Pencil or mini-pencil.

If you test the patent for the Apple Pencil as compared to the S-Pen you can see a massive opportunity missed on incorporating a pencil fashion tool on the phablet plus series. Being able to use the Apple Pencil with personalized iMessages, gaming or even wireless screen capability may want to play a primary function within the future of the iPhone plus or feasible PRO collection.

IOS thankfully brought huge exchange to iOS and improved functionality among gadgets in one of these staggering way that you can use two apple devices straight away to enhance productiveness without having to be technologically superior. Being able to reproduction out of your iPhone and paste on an iPad or Mac isn't overwhelming for almost each person and airshare/play is easy enough for even the maximum tech challenged users to research and grasp.

IOS additionally initiated greater customization like widgets. IMessage is critically fun, and incorporating video games, personalized messages and capabilities you absolutely find yourself continuously the usage of we could the user specific themselves better than any wannabe msging app (allo) could ever wish.

The W1 audio chip discovered in the Beats wi-fi lineup and the airpods isn't any joke. It in reality does paintings as defined and is simple for all of us that I can garuntee within a few generations iPhone customers will critically not care about an AUX port.

The airpods are in trouble….In the event that they ever see an actual launch. A W1 chip doesn't rely if the audio enjoy is lackluster and high-priced initially. It is a much higher funding for you to go with Beat’s audio. The Solo 3’s are something that each iPhone owner ought to revel in. With Bluetooth elegance 1 era they provide 100 feet of uninterrupted listening distance. A forty hour battery lifestyles is not exaggerated even as being paired to my iPhone 6S and first era Apple Watch. My fellow Store Apple Consultant and I determined to strive out the real distance abilties of the Solo 3’s even as connect with my iPhone. It become at the least a hundred feet!! From one corner of our massive save to the alternative she become able to hear my track with none interference. It wasn't till she went out of doors the sliding door that they cut out.

The Solo three batteries have not but dipped beneath 50% (I know this because the battery widget shows me the precise percent of my iPhone, Apple Watch and Solo 3’s). I discovered it difficult to consider they may truely in shape a 40 HR battery into such a small, on the ear, headset. But due to the fact all of Apple products are so properly optimized it's miles no lie. The W1 chip is icing at the cake, as I can transfer from iPhone audio to listen to saved music/media controlled on my Apple Watch with a flick and and a faucet.

Samsung icon X wireless earbuds are very thrilling. I haven't any idea how they suit a heartbeat monitor and a decent list of other hobby sensors in such a small product. 4GBs of Storage is also excellent, considering Earin changed into one of the few less expensive and genuinely wireless earbuds just a yr in the past.

The icon x is the only Samsung product this is clearly superior to its Apple competitor. They can be better than the airpods in nearly each concievable way. I could take the ones over the airpods for use on my iPhone. However comparing their high-quality to the Powerbeats 3 may be established upon the user’s mobile platform and listening conduct. The icon’s can be used on their personal as a standalone products, however the Powerbeats can also be used in addition with their magnificence 1 Bluetooth relying upon where you set your iPhone down or if you also are wearing an Apple Watch even as operating out/swimming.

I do not despise Samsung despite the fact that I admit I am a touch bitter from constant consumer software problems concerning the s5/6 & 7. I truly do not experience getting chewed out by way of a person whilst carrying an apple lanyard. Luckily I can inform them I am now not affiliated with Samsung and now not skilled in technical support. But seeing their worry approximately losing their telephone considering human beings in no way learned the importance of backing up their phones, I nevertheless occasionally spend over an hour troubleshooting and seeking to assist out the patron. It is absolutely simply one of the worst parts of my activity, it's sad seeing someone so distraught (given that majority of mobile customers are also hooked on their smartphone) over what they experience is a part of their existence collapsing. I am rather disillusioned with Samsung, the uncoordinated and half of assed software aid and enterprise model in trendy.

In the destiny, Samsung should certainly start to stand or from the crowd if they simplify their commercial enterprise version, android UI, and build upon some mid range and flagship models rather than their cutting-edge nerve-racking cellular/ pill releases of waaay too many one-of-a-kind fashions. We don't need four one of a kind types of Tab E pills and four one of a kind fashions of Tab A capsules. It's just ridiculous and unecessary clutter. It overwhelms clients and manifestly even Samsung's cellular software program department because it takes over a yr for them to launch a tab A replace.

Their frontier smartwatch is suitable and has some very specific functions that would make it the best smartphone in the marketplace if they are able to begin to get better dev assist for Tizen Watch OS 2.0. As of yet, you would be better off buying an Apple Watch when you have a non Samsung android telephone as compatibility is alas weak on both.

Who even says that Samsung have to use Android for each cell device? If Samsung nevertheless reveals it applicable to launch one million different but comparable fashions on an annual basis, why not test with some of the lesser acknowledged OS or build your very personal to further differentiate the same fashions. At least then customers can get a better rationalization on the differences between a J3, J7 and A7 except specs that they don't recognize the significance or lack of inside the first vicinity. Try out a completely new OS, or sort of yearly attempts for your J3a and release the J3b/c/d with android.

In the end the logical philosopher will go along with apple. The many capabilities can be brood right down to, simple, relaxed and streamlined. Samsung has the ability to launch some of the best tech ever seen and the Note 7 turned into a brief taste of some, although it crash and burned. What Samsung cannot hold to do is launch a telephone this is all flash and splendor without the software program guide to maintain its quite arrogance which is not well worth the cost and often the important yearly improve.

If Samsung's mobile division may want to smash off from the rest of the conglomerate and be allowed to cognizance totally at the mobile/tablet/smartwatch industry it could be a godsend for the corporation. Too many distractions from a corporation this is so big it owns an excellent private navy. This is maintaining lower back the capability it can provide its mobile clients by focusing on simplest the immediately atmosphere of phones, drugs, watches and in all likelihood a linked clever home hub. With a literal laundry list of other smart products a well advanced Samsung Smart Home Hub will be a sport changer.

As it stands, Samsung wishes to reorginze as a way to hold up with Apple and the future of android on google which I expect to contend greater intently with Apple because the premium Android Phone.

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