No one has given you a full solution but Mr. Enright is the nearest to this point. People appear to be focused on top rate vs. Claims; however, this is most in reality NOT how insurance businesses make money.

 Most insurers try and charge their policies such that the full charges collected every yr are equal to the overall amount of claims paid + costs (we call this the blended ratio - claims+expenses:premium). A blended ratio of 1 is seen as best because it manner they may be no longer over or underneath pricing their regulations; which means that they're underwriting the dangers they need as pricing models are designed to draw what a agency identifies as their goal marketplace.

 With regard to vehicle coverage, maximum insurers absolutely run a loss on charges, commonly paying just over a greenback for every dollar of premium (combined ratio >1); while, they commonly run just under a 1 ratio on property insurance. Ultimately, little or no, if any income is made via underwriting (charges) by myself; rather, the reason for writing rules and gathering charges is to build an funding pool.

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