Have you ever asked or heard about BTS, the famous Korean group, do you have a brother or sister who loves that group? Of course, and you want to know who they are and you have a curiosity, know more about them. This article for you contains every question you want to see an answer

Did BTS really pave the way for K-pop and are they really the kings of K-pop?

Yes they are. They’re the biggest kpop group in history and on their way to being one of the biggest bands in history too, considering they’re the biggest band in the entire world right now. They have managed to achieve everything that previous korean groups failed to even touch. They created a global phenomenon that literally no one saw coming, this one single band is changing the way the industry sells music and see’s boy groups. It was Korean media who first dubbed the term “BTSpop” that has since become a wildly known term that defines BTS’s music. They’ve gone so far out of the kpop stratosphere that they need a whole new genre title for them. To deny it is to be naive. Remember, kpop isn’t popular, BTS is (over 75% of all worldwide album sales in kpop come from BTS alone).

Did BTS really pave the way or did they just make K-pop more popular?

They paved the way in a specific note, Kpop being mainstream now in the West. Since I am an open-minded person, I can’t really say that they paved the way for everything when it comes to kpop. Add to that is the social media now, and a lot of platforms where they can promote their music. Back when the 2nd gen artists were the most popular ones in the kpop scene, they did opened those doors, it’s just that the West wasn’t ready yet for their power.

Y’all can be proud of what the kpop groups have achieved now and are thriving well in the US. But also, y’all gotta respect as well those artists who came before them, the ones who inspired them to become an idol and getting to where they’re at now. If that is what you’re doing, for sure your faves will be happy bout that.

Why do so many people say BTS paved the way for K-pop? Exo for example debuted 2 years before BTS and have a relatively similar popularity, so why is it BTS that “paved the way”?

The matter is really not about who debuted first., it's about the impact both groups had the impact on Korean and global music industry.

Exo and BTS both have their own music styles, achievement and personality hence they cannot be compared.

It's true that at one point of time, Exo and Big Bang were both most popular groups in Korea and Asia, however with the rise of BTS from 2017, BTS emerged as an indisputable biggest star in kpop and brought korea's attention to them through there hard work, relativity and ability to win foreign public's interest towards them.

Before them, there were many kpop artists who did perform in the West most notably Psy, whose Gangnam style and two three more songs went viral and became hits, however nobody in America or globally took him and kpop seriously as an artist and genre respectively. Therefore, where it is true that the 2nd generation artist did put the name kpop out there is the world but they were never successful in making the overseas music market and overseas music industry believe in them seriously.

But this changed with BTS as over the years they have proved in American market that they are here to stay and in turn has brought the limelight to kpop too, this has resulted in many opportunities opening up for other kpop groups like blackpink, monsta x, nct127, superm etc. as the american music label too finds that kpop market can be lucrative due to the success of BTS.

I think it is very important for people to understand that why bts has paved the way for other groups or k artists by seeing the level of success they have achieved globally. Not just being successful in Asian countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and their home country Korean, they have tapped in those markets where earlier nobody used to listen much of kpop like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, India etc. Other than being successful in US, Uk markets they have also become successful in countries like France, Germany, Brazil, Spain etc where the music markets are dominated by their local music industry and even American songs don't chart easily.

What did BTS do differently that made them the most successful K-pop group overseas?

I've known BTS since debut and have followed K-pop since 2010/11 so I’ll answer this from the perspective of someone who actually biased other groups before biasing them and what I feel they did differently and better than a lot of other groups. This is going to be a long post because it’s impossible to just say it’s one thing when it was really a combination of a lot of things.

AHL/Army bombs/other self-filmed variety - BTS had so much content from even before debut which was so rare and so refreshing. I remember when I first started watching this content and just being blown away at how much I could learn about them and just falling in love with their personalities this way. I liked their music a lot prior to watching these but it was because of these that myself and many others became ARMY around 2014/15.

The V APP - They were the first idol group to really take this APP and run with it. Of course other groups used it as well but none of them were able to utilise it the way BTS did. They were the first to make their own variety shows on the APP and constantly streamed live. We were so blessed at this point and so many people were drawn in by this instant connection that they could have with the members.

Their music - BTS are known for helping write and produce their own music and I think this brought them a lot of respect. They write about issues that are so important in Korean society and also to young people in general. They aren’t afraid to say what they think and feel about these issues.

Being blocked from variety/music shows - This isn’t exactly something they did to themselves.. I think in the end, even though it was hard to deal with them being blocked at the time, it ended up working in their favor. Because they were constantly blocked or just not invited to variety, it helped Bighit find other and better ways to promote them. And honestly, who doesn’t love an underdog? That’s exactly what BTS were, everything was hard for them to get to where they are. It’s part of their appeal and it’s why so many of us were passionate to help them get bigger.

Their concepts - Bighit have done so amazingly at this from the INU (HYYH) era. I am actually sure this is one of the main things that drew people in. The fan theories throughout the era’s makes it impossible not to be drawn in. There were so many speculations about the MV’s, teasers and just random little hints Bighit would (and still do) give.

The members themselves - Besides all having funny and interesting personalities, I truly believe with my whole heart that these 7 people were perfect for each other. They compliment each other so well and they really are a family. Though they do argue with each other and get angry, at the end of the day it’s easy to see they truly care and have so much respect for each other. I feel this is one of the most important aspects in a group when you are going to stan them.

Now, to the most important point:

Social Media - I really don’t ever remember 2nd generation idols using social media so much besides maybe the occasional photo upload on Instagram but BTS used Twitter all the time to contact fans. They would actually reply to fans and posted so often. This made them even more accessible and of course, ARMY became huge on social media sharing everything they could about BTS and liking their tweets. This is where EXO messed up because they never used social media and they were the only boy group that would have been able to compete with BTS on a worldwide platform (besides Bigbang but they were getting ready to enlist so they were out of the running for top boy group anyway). BTS blew up because of ARMY and BTS’ activity on Twitter and everyone knows about the Billboard’s and where their career went from there.

How did the K-pop band BTS, get so popular so fast?

They've been number one on iTunes in over 91 countries and regions with their latest album Map Of The Soul: 7, have got over 26 million subscribers on YouTube and are the first K-pop band EVER to top the US album charts.

It's fair to say, BTS is the K-pop band that is taking over the world.

The group sold out two shows at the O2 Arena in London on 9 and 10 October back in 2018.

So who are this global musical sensation? Read below to find out more.

Who are BTS?

BTS are a K-pop (or Korean pop) group made up of seven members - Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook - who come from all over South Korea.

They launched in 2013 and have since rocketed to global stardom.

Over the years, the group have produced material around various themes starting with the 'School' trilogy.

Why are BTS so successful?

There are four reasons that BTS have become as popular as they have.

1. The music

The group launched in 2013 and have since become global superstars

With K-pop growing in popularity, they're simply making the music that people want to listen to!

According to Billboard, their album 'Love Yourself: Tear', which is sung in Korean, became "the first primarily foreign-language No 1 album in over 12 years."

Not only that, but many people say that the subject of their music has played a part in their success.

While many K-pop songs are about relationships and love, BTS cover subjects that other bands may not like bullying, elitism and mental health.

2. Their performance

BTS have racked up millions of views for their amazing performances

There's no point having amazing songs if you can't sell them to the world - and BTS have got this down to a fine art.

With their slick dance routines and extremely impressive music videos, they've attracted a loyal group of fans who have fallen in love with their music even more.

Mr Son, the band's choreographer, explains: "Music videos seem to be one of the most important factors. Messages from an artist can be delivered more effectively."

To polish their performances, BTS practice for hours. For their debut performance, they were working at it for 12 to 15 hours a day to get it right. Well, it certainly paid off!

3. The internet

BTS became the first K-pop group to win a US Billboard music award

The internet - and in particular social media - has played an enormous part in the success of the group.

Suga told BBC Radio 1: "I think we're so lucky to be born at the right time. Without social media, we wouldn't have been so successful."

In 2018, the boys won a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, beating huge names like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

They were the first K-Pop group to win one.

"We still cannot believe that we are standing here on this stage at the Billboard Music Awards," the group said in their acceptance speech.

Social media has helped the group to build up millions of loyal followers, like these fans - sporting some of the band's BT21 characters! - who are looking forward to seeing their idols in concert in Los Angeles last month

Social media has also allowed the group to connect with their followers on a really personal level and gather fans across the world, including here in the UK.

Not only that, but they also engage with their fans via the internet in a different way to other groups like them.

Unlike many other bands, pop culture expert Kim Hern-sik says BTS are actually managed by quite a small agency and are allowed to do what they want a bit more.

"The boys are granted freedom in interacting with their fans on social media," she says. "They are really successful because they know how to interact with their fans and I think their popularity is here to stay."

4. The fans

Fans get ready for a BTS concert in Los Angeles, USA. during the Love Yourself world tour

No band can have success without its fans and BTS has some of the most loyal, dedicated fans that the world has EVER seen with 19.4 million followers on Twitter and 23.7 million on Instagram.

Known as the ARMY, it was the fans who cast an unbelievable 300 million online votes to ensure that the group won their Billboard award.

And in Autumn 2017, they watched the video for 'DNA' 50 million times on YouTube in just one month!

With numerous pages, profiles and sites set up all over the world by adoring followers, fans spend hours posting content, sending messages and sharing their love for the seven boys.

What records have BTS broken?

BTS have broken more records than we can even begin to count. But here are some of the biggies...

First K-pop group to speak at the United Nations

RM (at the podium) speaks during an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York, USA

In September 2018, BTS made headlines for becoming the first kpop group to address an issue at the United nations.

RM, who's the leader of the band, spoke about overcoming insecurities and urged other young people to do the same.

Why has BTS seemingly become more popular than any other KPOP group?

Personally i love bts and they are verrryy good. But based on facts and a little of my opinion the reason for this is simply because they are relatable and make good inspirational music. They use there platforms to spread awarness and love and they have a simple message “Love yourself and love others” they basically give the world meaning. Its also maybe just a liitttllle bit based on their looks aswell because give them credit there verry good looking. But thats only abt 5% percent of the reason. The other 95% is because of their message and the fact that American parent love them because as we know american music is a little ooff so yeaa not just american parents but most parents love their message weither it is in korean or not!!

Also as we know ALL of the bts members have gone through very roguh times from dieting themselves and growing up in a poor family to having no childhood and no respect rom the kpop buisness as a new group. They basically had no suppot besides their armys who loved them very much

Shows wouldnt air there performances and would disrespect them and call it comedy. At some point jk was on a tv show and they disrespect his cooking ( i sooo wanna fight them rn) but anyways they have had rough times just like us. Suga for example had to choose between food and transportation when he was younger and his parents didnt really support what he wanted to do as his carrer being a producer/musician. So theyve had tough times to relate aswell

They also dont like to throw money in peoples faces and buy all these expensive labels ( after all the labels want them anyway…) to show off. And after all these haters telling them they couldnt make it and they did and became so BIG theyre still so pure and loyal and stay true to themesleves!! 
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